Winch Safety Information


for leisure, commercial & motorsport trailers in the UK

Car transporter trailers fitted with manual winch.

  • This winch is not built for lifting purposes, or to be used for lifting, supporting or transporting people.
  • Check for any signs of damage, including ratchet operation, if in doubt do not use.
  • Never allow children or anybody unfamiliar with the winch operation to operate it.
  • Never exceed rated capacity.
  • Do not use winch with cable / strap fully extended.  Keep at least three turns of cable / strap on spool.
  • Operate with hand power only.  Do not operate with any form of motor.
  • Secure load correctly.  A winch is not designed as primary restraint and should be only used in conjunction with load securing devices e.g. straps, chains etc.
  • Maintain firm grip on handle; do not allow to spin freely when unloading. This can spin violently causing personal injury.
  • If winch is of a braked type ensure when using brake facility winch is in neutral position, or handle is removed.
  • Do not use winch handle as a convenient means of maneuvering the entire trailer.
  • If winch handle is detachable (i.e. DL type), ensure handle is attached securely to drive shaft and that the handle clips are engaged into the groove on shaft.
  • Periodically lubricate the mechanisms with a light machine oil e.g. WD40 and check the cable for any signs of fraying.  If cable / strap damage is found, then cable should be replaced.
  • If any parts need replacing, our aftersales department carry a comprehensive range of spares for overnight delivery.

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